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19th and 20th centuries
( Before World War II )

photo:Edouard Manet
Portrait of Monsieur Brun

  • Edouard Manet
  • 1832 - 1883
  • Portrait of Monsieur Brun
  • 1879
  • Oil on canvas 192 x 104.2 cm
  • Donated by the heirs of Mr. Kojiro Matsukata (ex-Matsukata Collection)
  • P.1984-2
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This work was created when Manet, a great French painter, was 51 and at the end of his career. Manet undoubtedly sought to depict the "modern" in this painting of a figure so emblematic of his class that he could appear in a naturalist novel. Manet employed his distinctive technique of applying paint directly with fresh brush strokes without underpainting, rendering a fresh, sparkling painting surface that makes the work appear newly painted.

(Source: The Digital Gallery. 1999-2006)

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