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School Gallery Talks

This is a school-oriented art appreciation program. The program provides a place for dialogue between museum educators and schoolchildren to help inspire the children's thinking, develop their skills of observation, and express their own thoughts. The program is conducted in small groups in order to allow each child participant ample opportunity for interaction and self-expression. Educators and the museum's volunteer staff respect and assist each child's examination of art in their own way. In Japanese language only.

Times and days available
*Tuesdays through Fridays, apart from national holidays and the museum's closing days.
*Applications are accepted from 9:30 a.m.
*If your desired time and day are occupied, we will ask you to change.
Number of people
*Please make a group with 5 people or more and fewer than 50. Large groups will be divided into smaller ones. A maximum of 5 groups can apply at one time.
*When the number of groups is more than 50, the museum provides an orientation session in its auditorium. Please inquire about this option.
*Each session is a 40-45 minute talk
*Please allow an additional 15 minutes for restroom breaks, roll call, and lineups.
*Since the museum houses a number of works, we recommend that all participants schedule another visit to the museum after the talk for follow-up viewing opportunities.
Elementary-school, junior high-school and High-school students plus accompanying adults are free of charge.
*School Gallery Talks are not provided for special exhibitions
*Wheelchairs are available free of charge. Please ask at the information desk
*Please use a pencil for taking notes in the museum (Ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils are not allowed.)
*Applications accepted from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Mondays through Fridays.
*First please check booking status by telephone. Then print the application form (in Japanese only) and fax it to us. The museum will reply to confirm your application's status.
*Please apply one month in advance from your desired day.


FAQ Answers to your questions on School Gallery Talks

What kind of art will we see?
  • We will select three examples of paintings and sculptures from the museum's permanent collection. They will differ in terms of artistic genre and period of production. The museum educators will tailor their lecture to suit the participants's ages and their level of art appreciation experience.
Do you provide any information in advance?
  • “Brief Guide”booklet will be provided by post, if you require (“Brief Guide”: Booklet featuring museum maps, facilities and overview of the permanent collection. This guide bookelt is provided to general visitors). You may request an opportunity to observe a gallery talk presented for another group of students. Please contact us for details. General information on the museum and the permanent collection are available on our Web page.
Is there place where we can eat?
  • We regret that there is no suitable place for groups to eat. Please make your own plans for lunch or snack breaks. There are only two water-drinking fountains in the museum. We recommend bringing your own water during the summer months.
Is there a cloakroom service?
  • We ask you to minimize your bags and other items. We do not have a cloakroom for groups, but we can occasionally accept a group's bags. Please ask about your needs in this regard when you make reservations.
Can we ask the museum staff questions?
  • Please ask about the selected works for this program, previews, and any other questions. For details, please call the Education Division, National Museum of Western Art, at 03-3828-5198.


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