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The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo was established in 1959 with 370 works from the Matsukata Collection, which forms the core of the NMWA collection. As of 2015, the museum houses about 5,500 works. This site features 59 examples of painting and sculpture from the 14th through the beginning of the 20th century.

  • 14th - 16th centuries
( Late Gothic/Renaissance/Mannerism )
  • 17th century
( Baroque and others)
  • 18th century
 ( Rococo and others)
  • 19th and 20th centuries
( Before World War II )
  • 20th century
( After World War II )


Touch the Museum

TOUCH THE MUSEUM, an Android and iOS app, is a viewing program about the NMWA Permanent Collection galleries. It contains a wealth of content, including images of works from other museum collections, video footage from the NHK Archives, and on-site explanations of art works by the NMWA director and curators, and architectural historians. We hope that visitors will enjoy this new way to become more familiar with NMWA collection art works.

*Currently, this service is not available.

Download iOS App
Download Android App

Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later; Android 2.1 and up
Updated: 18 April 2011 (iOS app); 20 April 2012 (Android app)
SIze: 234 MB (iOS app); 55 MB (Android app)
Languages: English, Japanese (If your smartphone is set to English language environment, you will see the English version of the app.)


Google Art Project

Google Art Project

Google Art Project is an online platform that gives the public access to high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums. The project was launched on 1 February 2011 by Google, in cooperation with 17 museums in Europe and North America.
The NMWA began participating in the Google Art Project on 3 April 2012 and images of over 160 works from NMWA collection are available through this website.

Google Art Project:

National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo on Googole Art Project:


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