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Photo:Cell Phone strap Magnet
Calling card size. ten types (Water Lilies, Roses, Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, Snow in Argenteuil, Woman with a Hat, Mater Dolorosa, The Sacred Elephant, Winter Landscape with Bird Trap, Interior with Ida Playing the Piano, St.Cecilia)
390 yen
The Thinker T-Shirt The Thinker T-Shirt
2,890 yen
Le Corbusier A4 File Le Corbusier A4 File
330 yen
Crepe Stuffed Bear with Attached Chain Crepe Stuffed Bear with Attached Chain
1,080 yen
The Thinker Tag Set The Thinker Tag Set
540 yen
The Thinker Memo Pad The Thinker Memo Pad
440 yen
Photo:Cell Phone strap Cell Phone strap
Four colors (Black, blue, red, gray)
650 yen
Photo:Bottle Stopper Bottle Stopper
1,300 yen
Photo:Card Stand Card Stand
1,300 yen
Photo:Coaste Coaster
Three types (Water Lilies, Roses, The Thinker)
220 yen
Photo:Paper Weight Paper Weight
Three types (Water Lilies, Roses, Mater Dolorasa)
1,080 yen
Photo:Folding Fan Folding Fan
Two types (Water Lilies, Roses)
4,110 yen
Photo:Ties Ties
The Thinker/ Four colors (Blue, black, yellow, bordeaux) 100% silk
6,480 yen
Photo:Scale Scale
The Thinker
420 yen
Photo:Towel (small) Towel (small)(sizes: Water Lilies 25 cm x 25 cm, Poplars in the Sun 25 cm x 32 cm)
100% cotton pile fabric Two types (Water Lilies, Poplars in the Sun)
870 yen
Photo:Towel (large) Towel (large)(sizes: 93 cm x 93 cm)
100% cotton pile fabric one type (Water Lilies)
6,480 yen
Photo:Cushion Cushion(sizes: Water Lilies 16.5×16.5cm/Still Life with a Basket of Fruit 19×13cm)
100% Polyester Two types
870 yen
  • Key HolderThree types (The Thinker, Adam, Eve)
    540 yen
  • Handtowel(size: 20 cm x 20 cm)Two types (Water Lilies, Roses)
    640 yen
  • A4 File (The Thinker)
    440 yen
  • A5 File (The Thinker)
    220 yen
  • Scarf(size: 78 cm x 78 cm) Two types (Water Lilies, Roses) 100% silk
    6,480 yen
  • Poster(Water Lilies, Poplars in the Sun)
    1,080 yen
  • Le Corbusier Post Card(6 Sheets)
    310 yen
  • Le Corbusier Post Card(Main Wing)
    70 yen
  • FileFive types (Water Lilies, Poplars in the Sun, On the Boat, Snow in Argenteuil, Woman with a Hat)
    270 yen
  • Post CardAbout 90 different motifs
    90 yen
  • Reproduction Painting (Water Lilies/Claude Monet)Framed size: 48.5 cm x 48.7 cm
    37,800 yen
  • Reproduction Painting(Woman with a Hat/Pierre-Auguste Renoir)Framed size: 55.8 cm x 46.6 cm
    34,560 yen
  • Reproduction Painting(Roses/Vincent van Gogh)Framed size: 40.8 cm x 50.0 cm
    32,400 yen
  • Folding Fan CaseTwo types (purple, green)
    1,080 yen
  • Card CaseCalling card size (about 5.5 cm x 9 cm). Two types (Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, The Sacred Elephant)
    1,080 yen
  • Note PaperThree types (Water Lilies, Roses, Poplars in the Sun)
    330 yen
  • BagUnwoven cloth, A4 size
    330 yen
  • Ticket FileA4 1/3 size
    500 yen
  • Picture10 types *New editions (size: 30 cm x 24.2 cm)
    270 yen
    • Water Lilies/Claude Monet
    • Roses/Vincent van Gogh
    • Mater Dolorosa/Carlo Dolci
    • Poplars in the Sun/Claude Monet
    • Snow in Argenteuil/Claude Monet
    • In the Woods/Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    • Still Life with a Basket of Fruit/Cornelis de Heem
    • Woman with a Hat/Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    • Waves/Gustave Courbet
    • Little Girl/William Adolphe Bougaereau


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