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19th and 20th centuries
( Before World War II )

photo:Chaim Soutine
Mad Woman

  • Chaim Soutine
  • 1894 - 1943
  • Mad Woman
  • 1920
  • Oil on canvas 96 x 60 cm
  • Signed lower right: Soutine
  • Donated by Mr. Tai Hayashi
  • P.1960-1
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Soutine was born in Lithuania and painted in the Expressionist style. In spite of the fact that Soutine's figure paintings, like his depictions of other subjects, are characterized by deformed, violent brush work and strident color contrasts, they are extremely deft in their rendering of the individuality and character of the depicted figures. The wide-eyed stare, drawn face, stiffly tensed shoulders and arms, and wildly disheveled hair of this Mad Woman all give a sense of weird tension to the composition.

(Source: The Digital Gallery. 1999-2006)

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