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18th century
( Rococo and others)

photo:Nicolas de Largilliere
Portrait of a Young Nobleman

  • Nicolas de Largilliere
  • 1656 - 1746
  • Portrait of a Young Nobleman
  • c. 1714
  • Oil on canvas 65 x 53 cm
  • P.1972-0002
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Largilliere was a forerunner of the Rococo style, introducing fresh and brilliant colors into the grave style of late 17th century French painting. This work is thought to be from Largilliere's mature period. The model placed in nature surrounded by flowers and animals was a trend in aristocratic portraits of the day, while the red lips and rosy cheeks of the white-skinned boy and the cape draped from his shoulders speak of the new age of the Rococo with its bright color sensibility. The model is traditionally identified as the young Louis XV.

(Source: The Digital Gallery. 1999-2006)

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