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18th century
( Rococo and others)

photo:Jean-Marc Nattier
Portrait of Madame Marie-Henriette-Berthelet de Pleuneuf

  • Jean-Marc Nattier
  • 1685 - 1766
  • Portrait of Madame Marie-Henriette-Berthelet de Pleuneuf
  • 1739
  • Oil on canvas 101.8 x 82.8 cm
  • Signed and dated lower left on jar: Nattier. p. / 1739
  • P.1979-0002
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Nattier was influenced by Nicholas de Largilliere and brought about the revival of the Fontainebleau school through his depiction of the aristocratic women of the court in the guise of mythological figures. This portrait is a representative example of Nattier's numerous works on this theme. Here the model is shown as the personification of rivers or springs. This elegant depiction with its silvery gray tonalities allows us a glimpse of Nattier's technique, although at the time he was criticized for his over-idealization of the model.

(Source: The Digital Gallery. 1999-2006)

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