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What's New

Last update:2022.04.01

Announcing the Re-Opening of the NMWA

The NMWA closed on 19 October 2020 for facilities maintenance work. That work has now been completed and the museum will re-open on 9 April 2022 (Sat.). Information regarding exhibitions and other programs at the museum will be posted on the NMWA website.

Museum Closure period: 19 October 2020 (Mon.) - 8 April 2022 (Fri.)
Museum Re-Opening date: 9 April 2022 (Sat.)

Announcing the Opening of the NMWA Museum Online Shop

The National Museum of Western Art Museum Shop opened its online store today.

Online NMWA Museum Shop:

The newly opened NMWA Museum Shop website (Japanese only) features approximately 200 items, from goods based on NMWA collection items to catalogues from previous exhibitions. Items can be shipped anywhere within Japan.

*The NMWA shop in the NMWA Main Building is closed during the current building maintenance closure [October 19, 2020 - Spring 2022 (estimated)].