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Ueno Park Parking Guide Map


P-1 mark on the mapUeno Parking Center(Tel.03-3833-8151)
*24 hours.
P-3 mark on the mapUeno Park Parking(No.1)(Tel.03-3821-0755)
*For buses and persons with disabilities.
P-4 mark on the mapUeno Park Parking (No.2)(Tel.03-3821-0755)
*For buses.
*Ueno Park Parking (No.2) has been temporarily closed since October 1, 2021.
P-5 mark on the mapKeisei-Ueno Station Parking(Tel.03-3834-5708)
P-6 mark on the mapUeno Chuo-dori Basement Parking Lot(Tel.03-5812-3695)

*Please inquire of each parking lot about information on parking fees.